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100% Canadian Wool Dryer Balls


4 balls

Wild & Woolly
Wool Dryer Balls
$29.00 CDN
4 Wool Dryer Balls
It’s about to get very wild & very woolly! Our wool dryer balls are the totally natural alternative to dryer sheets and chemical fabric softeners. Wild & Woolly dryer balls are made with 100% Canadian wool- no toxins, no chemicals, just the good stuff.
Made to decrease drying time, our wool balls will dry and freshen your washables in half the time. Worried about sensitive skin? No worries! They’re safe for both baby skin and those with skin sensitivities.
+ 100% Canadian wool

+ Place all four balls in the dryer with your clothes, and start the cycle on the desired heat level
+ The wool dryer balls work best with natural fibres so make sure to hang those synthetic fibres!
+ To customize your laundry scent, add a few drops of the Line of Elan’s essential oil to each ball
+ Always store the wool dryer balls in a well-ventilated area inside of the storage bag (we throw one in with every purchase).
+ When the balls begin to pill, it means they’re working! Once they become dense and firm, it’s time for a new set.

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