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About Us

2000 marked the year of the new millennium and as the world turned over a new leaf, the roots of Lines of Elan were planted. While hanging in a small Toronto pub, Sarah Marcus and Laura Craig found their mutual love for organic products and healthy natural lifestyles. Fifteen years later, they decided to venture in business together and Lines of Elan was born and it’s been #TeamElan ever since.  

Inspired by the meaning of ‘Elan’, which means energy, style, and enthusiasm, Sarah and Laura decided to turn their passion into a line of products that emulated those same values.
Sarah’s marketing expertise combined with Laura’s product manufacturing insight are the skills that have made Lines of Elan the company that it is. Bringing both of their maternal instincts to the forefront, each and every product is sprinkled with a mother’s touch because mama knows best, right?

Lines of Elan is built on three pillars:

1) Sustainability: Products are placed in reusable, ecofriendly packaging where possible, while ensuring that our impact on the earth’s ecosystem is minimal.
2) Community: Where possible, ingredients are locally sourced or fair trade to ensure that your products are the best for both you and the communities where they are produced.
3) Simplicity: You can pronounce everything in our products. No additives. No synthetic preservatives. No problems.

We hope you love our products as much as we do!
Sarah & Laura.

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