Week 4: Your Best + Healthiest Summer Body

Hello beauties and welcome to week 4 of our wellness Wednesday series. This week, as I trade in my cozy winter layers and hit the beach for a much needed family vacation, my lighter, more "revealing" hot weather wardrobe hits me, and as usual, I vow that this will be the summer of fitness. 

So, I turned to my good friend Julianne Robicheau, one of the fittest moms I know, and founder of Robi Luxury Skin Care, for tips on to how she stays so fit. And... if you’re already working out regularly (high five!), Dr. Laura Belus will shed some light on how strengthening our bodies can actually improve our overall health and well-being.

So here's to finding the motivation for our best summer body ever!

Julianne Robicheau, Robi Skin Care
Hey everyone, it’s Juli here - thanks for having me! When I think of wellness, a few things come to mind: diet, exercise, mental health and the everlasting quest for fulfilment and happiness. Today I’m going to focus on exercise as it’s an easy way to feel that instant boost of energy and bliss (you can thank endorphins for the latter!).

There are endless benefits to getting physical. For some people, the most difficult part of becoming more active is actually getting started, and for others, it’s finding the momentum to keep going. If you’ve ever jumped on the fitness band-wagon only to jump off a couple weeks later, you’re not alone! 

Let’s take a look at the many ways you can fit exercise in your life, the benefits you’ll reap, and how to stay motivated.

Why get physical?
The benefits of exercise far outweigh the possible negatives. Have you ever heard anyone say “Ugh, I exercised today and felt so depressed afterwards?” OK, I suppose it’s possible, but seriously, guys, I doubt it. Dr. Laura Belus was happy to share some of the proven health benefits working out provides:

Participating in regular exercise (even for as little as 15-20 minutes per day) can elevate your mood, reduce risk of heart attack & stroke, plus help to keep your metabolism boosted. While exercise does temporarily raise your stress hormone levels (this isn’t a bad thing since it’s temporary), it also strengthens your immune system & fights disease (by boosting white blood cells).


If you find you’re too tired to exercise, start with a small commitment of a 10 minute walk around the neighbourhood and see how you feel— most of my patients say the hardest part is getting started! Ladies- don’t forget to add some sort of strength training to  your routine too— we start losing our muscle mass after 30 (crazy, I know), so balance out your cardio with some light or moderate weights to get even more benefit! 
When it comes to skin health, movement (especially anything involving jumping or inverse stretching (think downward dog pose in yoga) can drastically improve circulation to the head & face. This gives you that rosy glow post-workout, but over time you will continue to see a more even complexion!

Let's Get Started

The great thing about fitness is that there’s something for just about everyone. And thanks to platforms like YouTube, you can follow along with instructors to just about any kind of exercise you’re into… often for FREE! My current favourite is Yoga with 

Allie The Journey Junkie

Other great ways to get moving are:

  • Walking/Jogging/Running (solo or in group)
  • Weightlifting
  • Classes through a gym (so many FUN options!)
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Acrobatics
  • Bike rides
  • Hiking
  • Joining a rec sports league

How to Stay Motivated
OK, so you’ve found an exercise you like to do, but it’s been a couple weeks and you’re starting to lose momentum. It’s normal and happens to many newbies (or even those who’ve exercised in the past). The initial high you get from starting a workout routine goes away because it loses its lustre. 

Tips for Sticking to Your New Routine:
  • Pre-pay for a series of classes, that way you’ll feel guilty if you skip out.
  • Find a workout partner who’ll keep you accountable.
  • Pencil it into your calendar. 
  • Find fitness blogs and apps that will encourage you to keep going.
  • Switch it up- do a variety of workouts to keep boredom away.
  • Always be reaching for small goals (Ex: Squat 65 lbs by Summertime. Jog 5K in 20 minutes. Do the Tree Post in yoga without falling over!)
  • And when you reach a goal, maybe treat yourself to a new workout outfit? :)
  • Write a list of reasons why working out is important to you. These little reminders will help to keep you going.

If finding time is the problem, remember that even 20 minutes of exercise is better than 0 (as Dr. Belus noted above!). With 20 minutes, you can go for a brisk walk, do a YouTube video, or walk up and down stairs (try it, it’s killer!). 

And if you're really looking to jumstart your summer body, check out Dr. Belus' "3 Day Whole Body Detox" - we promise you won't regret it! She also offers a 21 day detox for those of you who are ready to take it up a notch!

Remember, everyone starts somewhere. Find a workout you enjoy, do it regularly, find motivation, and don’t compare yourself to others! 


About Julianne Robicheau 
Julianne Robicheau is the founder of Toronto-based indie, natural skincare brand Robi Luxury Skin Care. Just like with her skin, she values taking care of her health by incorporating into her life exercise she enjoys and nutritious foods. Her favourite ways to keep active are weightlifting and yoga. 

About Dr. Laura Belus
Dr. Laura Belus is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Toronto who focuses on hormone balance, healthy skin, boosting energy levels & anti-aging. She believes in getting to the root cause of the issue so that the body can return to a state of vibrant  health. By using the best of both natural & modern medicine, she can effectively target the problem and get you feeling your best, faster!

About Lines of Elan: 
At Lines of Elan, we believe in beauty from the inside out. All of our natural + organic products are crafted with high quality ingredients like; cold-pressed oils, unrefined butters and 100% pure essential oils and formulated to be gentle, non-toxic, and incredibly effective. Our goal is to bring you green beauty products that you want to use on your entire family - all derived from the power of nature.

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