Wellness Wednesday | Week 3: Let’s talk water, how much do we need to stay hydrated?

Hello beauties and welcome to week 3 of our Wellness Wednesday series. This week we're talking about keeping our bodies hydrated as we head into the warmer weather (finally!!)

Leaving the house with a big bottle of water is easy, but carting it around all day and actually consuming some/most of it can be a challenge. Plus, when sleepy eyes hit during the day, I’m always reaching for coffee for my mid-day kick. But should I be reaching for water instead? Could my skin look younger and healthier with a few extra glasses of water each day?

I sat down with Dr. Laura Belus, ND., to find out just how much water we should be drinking daily for optimum hydration.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors, increase your physical activity and enjoy the sun. However, proper hydration is key to avoid headache, sunstroke, or simply premature aging says Dr. Belus.

As a general rule, I recommend taking half of your bodyweight (in lbs.) and that’s the number of ounces per day of fluid needed. For example, a 160lb women requires 80 ounces (or 10 cups) daily. Keep in mind, if water seems boring, add in some fresh fruit, make your own iced herbal teas and sip on a smoothie for breakfast. If you consume coffee or alcohol, add an extra glass of water to your total requirement for the day.

Less headaches, and younger looking skin are good enough reasons for me to amp up my water intake. So I hit up Pinterest to find some delicious recipes to infuse my water with flavour.

Here are 3 of my favourite infused water combinations:

  1. Lemon + mint + cucumber
  2. Grapefruit + rosemary
  3. Raspberry + lime + basil
infused water


BRK limited edition spiked neon coral water bottle, 500ml

And just because we are water bottle obsessed, thought I'd share one of my favourites! I love everything about this glass + silicone 500ml Neon Coral SPIKED bottle from BKR ($55), available here at well.ca 


PLUS…Here’s a handy cheat sheet of recommended water intake based on body weight

200 lbs = 12.5 cups (100oz)
180 lbs = 11.25 cups (90oz)
160 lbs = 10 cups (80oz)
150 lbs = 9.4 cups (75oz)
140 lbs = 8.75 cups (70oz)
130 lbs = 8.1 cups (65oz)
120 lbs = 7.5 cups (60oz)
110 lbs = 6.8 cups (55oz)



Organic Shea Citrus Body Butter, Lines of Elan

Lastly, don’t forgot to keep the surface of your skin hydrated as well. Applying an all natural product like our shea body butter “You Don’t Shea”, helps nourish your skin from the outside leaving it incredibly soft, smooth and glowing.

Our unrefined, organic shea butter creates a moisture barrier on the skin's surface and is gentle enough to soothe a variety skin conditions.

We'd love to hear from you - share your favourite flavoured water recipes, water bottles, or water tips. Plus, if you'd like us to cover a topic in a future post with Dr. Laura Belus, or have comments on this blog, post below!

Be beaut(eco)ful,

About Lines of Elan:
At Lines of Elan, we believe in beauty from the inside out. All of our natural + organic products are crafted with high quality ingredients like; cold-pressed oils, unrefined butters and 100% pure essential oils and formulated to be gentle, non-toxic, and incredibly effective. Our goal is to bring you green beauty products that you want to use on your entire family - all derived from the power of nature.

About Dr. Laura Belus
Dr. Laura Belus is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Toronto who focuses on hormone balance, healthy skin, boosting energy levels & anti-aging. She believes in getting to the root cause of the issue so that the body can return to a state of vibrant health. By using the best of both natural & modern medicine, she can effectively target the problem and get you feeling your best, faster! 

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