Super excited for these 2018 Beauty Trends!

Who doesn't love hearing about the years trends? Some are so absurd, you wonder how and who could possibly! But as we read more about the trends that are taking a beauty "spotlight" in 2018 - it has us asking, is it FINALLY the year we... 

  • Focus more on ourselves and regularly practice self love,
  • Prefer cleaner, safer products and swap out some of our "toxic" beauty habits?
  • AND...let our hair flow natural and curly as the sleeker, straight styles take a back seat

According to this article on 2018 trends, that's exactly what we have to look forward to this year and we couldn't be more excited here at Lines of Elan! Read the full article here.

So if all goes well this year, I'm hopeful that even more of us will switch up our products to more natural versions, and wear our curly manes even more proudly as we stand taller, more confident and ready to take on this year with passion and fierceness of our inner selves.

Best, S


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