Are there preservatives in Truly Clean Karma Bean?

Hey Friends,

We often get asked what "preservatives" we use in our hair care line Truly Clean Karma Bean, so we thought we'd share a little about this innovative process.

We do not use a traditional biocide in the Truly Clean Karma Bean hair care line (ex., a paraben) which is often used in many products to kill almost everything, including mold and bacteria growth.

Natural + organic shampoo and conditioner, Truly Clean Karma Bean

Instead of a traditional “preservative”, we work closely with our lab on the greenest, most innovative preservation system, which includes using the cleanest, most pristine water (also use silver in our water phase - making the water more molecularly stable and pure), along with a combination of herbs, blueberry extract, and specific processing techniques to achieve a safe & two year stable shelf life.

As a result, Truly Clean Karma Bean is safe and effective for the entire family and you never have to worry about synthetic ingredients. Oh, and don't forget, it's also biodegradable, septic friendly, waterway safe and all around amazing!





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